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Boulder Vape Rock Pod System is the new vape pen device from Boulder Vape, combining a high-capacity 360mAh rechargeable battery, convenient USB charging, and a textured aluminum chassis. The high-capacity 360mAh rechargeable battery is integrated and can be charged via standard USB Connection at the end. With plenty of battery life to last through the pods, the Boulder Vape Rock can be used throughout the day.

Boulder Vape is compatible with nic salts but optimized to work with Boulder e-liquids, the Rock has an original method of filling and refilling its e-liquid tank. Simply insert the nozzle of the Boulder e-liquid bottle into the refilling port and squeeze until full. Simple and stress-free, with low risk of leaks, you can fill the Rock with your favorite Boulder e-liquid with ease. Using your new Boulder Rock Vape e-cig is simple and stress-free. It utilizes a straightforward three-press on/off button. Ideal for both quickly enjoying your favorite vape, it also ensures the e-cig won’t go off accidentally in your bag or pocket. The all-in-one design of this unit makes it easy to get started and you can enjoy the full range of e-liquids.

Boulder Vape W2 gives you the flexibility to personalize your concentrate vaping experience by providing two optimized heating methods. The W2 comes pre-installed with a cutting-edge dual quartz oven that’s ready to go out of the box, for the biggest hit which provides huge cloud action. When the occasion calls, it’s easy to change the game by switching to the ceramic oven, which provides purest tastes from your concentrates

The standard USB charging connection can be found at the bottom, covered by a protective cap to prevent dust or particles from entering the nic salts reservoir. Furthermore, the textured aluminum finish bestows the Boulder Rock Vape pod system with a better grip and touch to prevent pesky falls and drops while still keeping the device sleek, luxurious, and stylish.

Boulder Vape. Both heating chambers are powered efficiently through Boulder Vapes high purity graphite 900mAh battery, which has been engineered for instant ramp-up time. The W2 supplies enough long-lasting power to let you go about your day without thinking about charging. When it comes time to recharge via micro-USB, you get passthrough performance so you’ll never miss a beat. A gently pulsating light ring indicates charging activity and you get full capacity in just 60 minutes.

Boulder Twilight Replacement Pod Features:
2.2mL Pod Capacity
Bottom Fill System – Silicone Stoppered
Integrated Ceramic Mesh Coils
Magnetic Pod Connection


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